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Business Loan

If you are looking to expand business then you would need sufficient capital in hand. When there is shortage of finance, you can approach banks or non-banking financial corporations to get business loans and fulfill your growth plans. However there are multiple problems – some banks may not provide adequate loans, while some may charge a very high rate of interest. If you too are facing the same problem in securing business loans, then you need not worry any more. We at Ultimate Consultants will help you get the right amount of business loans at the right time so that you can grow your company in the right direction.

Why is business loan needed?

You might need a business loan for:

  1. Expanding production capacity of your factory
  2. Increase the marketing of your products in the market
  3. Hiring experienced people to run operations
  4. Setting up new office
  5. Buying advanced machinery, plant, or equipment needed to improve the efficiency of your workplace

What we do?

At Ultimate Consultants we know that every business has different requirements, hence we provide a range of business loans depending on different needs

1. Secured Loans – With secured business loans in Punjab you can pledge your business property as a collateral for securing business loan. Since the loan is covered by the property collateral, the risk to bank is less, hence the rate of interest too is less

2. Unsecured Loans – With unsecured business loans you can get business loan without putting up any property as a collateral. Since the loan is not covered by a collateral, the risk to bank is more, hence the rate of interest too is more and is much more difficult to get.

3. Professional loans – Professionals like CAs, doctors, or engineers can avail of loans for self-employed. The loan amount is determined by the professional’s financial position and the amount of business done at the professional practice.

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